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Dog Cafe (K9 Cafe)

By Kelly Kreueger

I have always envisioned a place where I could sit, bring my dog, and have coffee with my friends. But this is Minnesota! Because we can't really sit out on a patio in February then the pooches get left behind...very sad. I realize that there are always health department considerations when it comes to dogs and food/drinks. However, this doesn't make it impossible. I know there is a way to have a small, heated outdoor space, or a partitioned area for the dogs, or even a pass through window of some kind so the dogs aren't mixing with any food or drink preparation.
The shop would also carry locally made pet items, treats, and perhaps even local pet artists. This kind of community interaction is vital for neighborhoods to thrive and be represented. This is a very dog-friendly city for the most part but when you can have the dogs AND the owners be together for social time without having to worry about the cold and snow, it would be even better.
The food and drink items would be mostly familiar coffee choices (local coffee), other NA beverages, people snacks (pastries, chips, fruit, etc) and of course, home-made dog treats.
This dog cafe is something I have always wanted to make happen. I have 3 dogs of my own and would bring them with me everywhere if I could.
Additionally, I would like help bring attention to rescue organizations, pet adoption and rescue, help raise funds for local rescues, and donate a portion of sales to these causes.
I do have a detailed business plan in writing that I have been working on for a couple of years. Now I just need the community support to make it happen.
This could be an amazing way to bring the eclectic Minneapolis neighborhoods together even more.



Terrace Theater
Robbinsdale Minnesota 55422