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Let's Share

By Renee Jacobs

There are often small business having trouble staying afloat. An indoor Toddler play area is a nice idea, but aren't we staying inside too much now? Here is my idea, a play area inside and outside so kids can stay active in the winter as well. But how to sustain it. I can go to McDonald's and not pay to play, so how do you keep it going? Share the space with another vendor. For example, a small sandwich shop, or something like wings and things. They get their own spot to earn money, And you then have a place for the parents or guardian's to sit and watch, or read, or whatever. They can buy a cup of coffee or a meal, and of course kid friendly meals too. Get one of those Mini Libraries for outside in front of the store, have a bit of outdoor furniture in the play area, and a bit of comfy furniture in the inside part. Maybe even some Wi-Fi. Take donations of things to sell, and remember, people often give things like torn or stained clothing, but those things can be sold to rag companies for money. For those who have cans for recycling and don't go to get cash, let them bring them to you. It would have to be like in a mud room with an easy to wash floor of course, but take the cans in weekly for cash. The South Minneapolis Area has many unique businesses, people try things out that some of the poorer area's do not. Ask the Metropolitan Council to put a bus stop at the corner. So, in a nutshell, make it a family facility, sell used items, collect donations, and meet other families and share a meal. Also, not everything in a indoor play area has to be equipment. You can have hopscotch painted on the floor, jump ropes with sayings on the walls in that area, A kid Karaoke spot so everyone can be a star...the possibilities are endless. Maybe even a maze to get from one area to another to play. (a short maze so you can see your kids and help them if they get mixed up. Well, now I'm rambling. But anything that brings families together is a great idea.


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