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Remember when we use to dress up to go outside?
Running errands, going to a baseball game, going to the movies?
Remember when the movies were on one huge screen?
Remember watching "How the West Was Won" on cinemascope and feeling like the train was coming at you?
Remember the Cooper? Riverview? Camden? Terrace Theaters?

We have an opportunity to save history and restore the magic of movies.

My idea is to restore this back to a movie theater, with benefits. It would be a one screen movie theater with a performance stage.

It would accommodate not only movies, but also community events. A recent example would be: The recent meeting at Crystal Community Center regarding the “Railroad Expansion”. It was hugely attended. Seating was limited. Sound was limited and sight lines were lacking. Imagine that same meeting with a stage, and screen for the presentations, maps, people could see the speakers, hear the speakers and see the presentations.

The Lobby area should return to its original grandeur and be available to rent for weddings and catered events.

The Performance Stage would provide a space for local performances. The local schools could have a bigger venue for their performances. The schools alone could keep the seats filled! Spring and Fall concerts, Spring and Fall plays, graduations. Local dance troupes and gymnastics! Community theatre!

Keep it local and support other efforts. Here’s an example:
We have one of the oldest American Legion’s in the state here in Robbinsdale. Their building is not owned by them. They have no place to display some of the historic Military memorabilia that has been left to them. Our own Historical Society has done an awesome job of maintaining and displaying historic memorabilia but again, in a very small space. A place to highlight a monthly theme and rotate the displays.

One final thought. Remove the strip mall in front of building. It was added as an afterthought and never should have been allowed to abut the building and block the view. At that time in history it was out with the old, in with new, chop it up, divide it up and make money. We should never go back to $1.00 movies where it’s cheap and convenient for children to be dropped off.

If Windom can do it, why can’t Robbinsdale?

These are not only ideas, but awesome opportunities!



Terrace Theater
Robbinsdale Minnesota 55422