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The Tattered Cover Terrace

By Pete Richie

About a decade ago Barnes and Noble created a beautiful book store out of the Chateau Theater in Rochester, Minnesota. Nobody who set foot in that place has ever forgot it. The auditorium was divided into two floors of books, music video and cafe. A bookstore may sound a little archaic, but consider the important role large independent bookstores play in building community. Institutions like the Tattered Cover in Denver and Powell's in Portland have changed countless lives putting great books in their customers hands. These bookstore's are national destinations. They serve their communities by providing a place to gather and exchange ideas. Bookstores won't be going the way of record stores any time soon and our metro area buys books like no other.

If a large independent can't be found or created, I'd love to see an outfit like Half Price books come in. Imagine a giant Half Price Books. What a great place to meet, swap and sell books, magazines and records. I hope they carry a huge selection of blacklight posters too.

The Lobby would make a great coffee shop. Get the boards off those big beautiful windows and give me a light roast with room for cream.



Terrace Theater
Robbinsdale Minnesota 55422