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Idea by Renee Jacobs

By David Leonhardt

Posting for Renee Jacobs:
I thought maybe a cinema café. I am afraid that most people in Robbinsdale can't afford a dinner theatre, or if not most, many. (I for one.) I have been to the Cinema and Draft house, and now it's got a different name. It's popular, but I see flaws also. When they eat in the auditoriums, the servers collect money, etc. and it's a big interruption for the rest of us. I think if the lobby was an eating area, and then movies in the theatre, or theatres, as having it already split might be a good thing to keep. It's not that the original wasn't classy, but if only a few people show up, it's not much. Maybe a few x 3 screens, and it could make money to sustain it's running costs. Also, if the lobby was the dining area, people could come and eat, or drink coffee, or whatever even if they don't go to a show. The lobby could take on a life of it's own, karaoke, banquets for weddings, etc. Catering is a possibility, etc.
For a neighborhood theatre, second run is the way to go. Bidding on movies is such a gamble. second run knows if someone wants to see the movie or not because it's already out there. Then second runs that are not so popular cost less, and could be run in the smaller auditoriums while possibly making money on dinner, and concessions. The pictures of how the Terrace looks are heartbreaking, but maybe the structure is still strong. Remember when MIDCO bought the Terrace and remodeled it, it had to be brought up to code. Not that code hasn't changed, but they took care of a major portion of the expense. Also, someone mentioned the 50's time frame, and like Wagner's Drive in Restaurant, maybe people with their classic cars, etc. can gather.
Those are some of the idea's I have been kicking around. And, I liked your idea too. And the wrestlers we went to school with.


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