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The Romantic Bohemian Boutique

By Youa Vang

"This is for the lovely woman; the carefree, free spirited woman who believes in truth, freedom, and love". The Romantic Bohemian sells beautiful dresses, clothes, and accessories inspired by ethnic tribes, bohemian styles, and colorful vintage clothes.

The East Side needs an affordable boutique in the area where women can shop with their girlfriends on a weekend. The lack of boutiques have forced residents to shop outside of the area; resulting in low economic development. People are leaving the area to support and spend their money elsewhere when they should be supporting local businesses in the beautiful East side. The East side is under-rated and people should be able to present outsiders to what we have to offer.

Our inspiration comes from our passion for fashion and we feel that by putting a fashion boutique in the East side, we can attract more customers into the area, thus boosting the economy, and bring a vibrant and thriving scene here! Payne Avenue is turning us into the NEXT place to be by transforming the streets with successful businesses, i.e. Cook St Paul, Tongue in Cheek, and Ward 6. Vote to bring us here! Please share this post and VOTE so we can open by 2016!



East Side Saint Paul Minnesota