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We've been wanting to open a coffee shop on Main street in Hopkins for a long time. We would have three components: coffee (duh!), creativity, and community. We would base all of our goals and decisions on how it would develop these three areas of focus.

Coffee: We will import our own coffee from around the world finding the perfect blend of flavors. Then we would roast the beans on site to have full control of the flavor.
Creativity: We will support our local middle and high school students through multiple programs in our coffee shop by providing space for them to meet and develop programs to support them in multiple ways.
Community: We will interact with our community and city officials in as many ways as we can imagine, and the list is growing. We feel we can be a core component of our local community and would strive to be a meaningful location beyond simply getting a cup of coffee or pastry.



1114 Mainstreet
Hopkins Minnesota 55343