Create Your Own Campaign

Hoodstarter is built to engage communities of people around innovative projects. Organizations work with us to reach, educate, and invite ideas from their audiences — employees, residents, members, volunteers, tenants, and more.

When you license Hoodstarter, we'll work directly with you to set up a unique campaign website, complete with your own branding and marketing content. Your team will be able to log in and manage the campaign, including adding focus areas to invite ideas from your audience.

Campaigns can target any audience: external (customers, vendors, influencers, communities) or internal (boards, employees, investors). The best campaigns have specific goals and timelines, and proactive engagement from your marketing team to encourage sharing and voting on ideas.

License Hoodstarter for your custom campaign

A standard licensing package has an annual fee of $25,000, and includes the following:

  • 3 campaigns, custom branded and managed by your team
  • 2 train-the-trainer sessions to help you and your customers learn how to use the platform
  • IT support
  • Annual renewals (negotiated)
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How we set up your campaign

Once you start a licensing agreement, we'll work closely with you to plan and launch your campaigns with the following process:

Rules of Engagement

We start by determining the overall intention of the campaign. This includes defining the program goals and focus areas, as well as the intended community — open to the public or closed with security protocols. We'll outline the approval process for decision making, identify measures of success for the campaign, and discuss how we can incentivize participation.


Next, we launch the campaign with a "listen and learn" phase to help participants understand and retain key facts, data, and practices relevant to the campaign goals. Your team will gain clarity on the customer's ambitions and goals, as well as measures of success. This education phase will also help identify how the project or organization has performed in the past — and what policies, practices, and products have led to high performance.


Then, we launch real-time, collaborative ideation where stakeholders can provide new ideas, systems, or solutions for consideration. These recommendations can include policies, processes, practices, products or services, and ideas for how to use space in a new way.


Finally, we democratize the consensus building process via a real-time voting function that enables all stakeholders to have a voice, and begin to implement ideas and review the impact. Your team can use the voting function to track feedback and decide which ideas should be featured on your campaign site. You can also share results once ideas are implemented, and find ways to recognize the best contributions.